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SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, covers a wide area of services, keyword research, link building, backlinking, meta data, alt tags, and much more, as per googles basic SEO guide found here: CLICK HERE!

The basis of SEO Search Engine Optimisation is to take your Keyword Research & Analysis and build pages that reflect each Keyword and phrase that relates to your business, that in turn reflect the items you wish to promote or sell. There is a lot to SEO Search Engine Optimisation and if you are not familiar with it you should read up on it (Google SEO Guide). It can vary from search engine to search engine, each search engine sends a spider to crawl through the code on your site and then they use Algorithms to rank the site. The ideal here is to build one page for each of the Keywords that you have, that way we can attract the right clients for your business, getting the through selling exactly right.

The most important thing in Internet Marketing is your Keywords and phrases; this can take some time to perfect but once its done it will produce excellent results, the key to high results in attracting visitors or online trading is what we call "In Line" selling, EG; Your keyword is Fruit, so your potential customer goes to his favourite search engine and types Fruit, up come the results and your in the PPC (Pay Per Click) ads with that keyword and in the top three in the natural listings, your potential customer clicks one of your links and goes to a page with fruit for sale, nothing else, just fruit!

This is "In Line" selling, you have given the customer exactly what they want and you were in the right place with your keywords in the ads and natural listings, and when the customer got to your page they saw exactly what they wanted to. This and only this, produces the maximum results from SEM (Search Engine Marketing), any other variation produces a diluted result, of course you need tracking of the customers movements and habits to further enhance your knowledge and adverts for the customers needs. In a nutshell thats it! In order to get to that result requires considerable expertise, SEO Webmasters are expert at SEO Search Engine Optimisation and all website marketing, building and maintenance work.

On Site SEO Services Can Include:

SEO Basic Website Analysis & Competitors Analysis:
Includes complete website analysis and Competitor Analysis, which is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. To stay one step ahead of your competitors, you need to know what elements of their website are successful, then emulate and expand on it.

Keyword Research & Key Phraseology.

Modifications on HTML Source & W3C 100% Validation.

Verification on Search Engines Like Google & Bing.

SEO Friendly Meta Tags Modification (Title Tag and Meta Tags).

Image Alt Tags & Link Title Text Modifications.

URL Re-writing to Make them SEO friendly.

Search Engine Submissions.

Website Content Optimization.

Internal Linking Structure Modifications.

Link Submissions to sites with Page Rank 1-7.

Social Networking on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace & Linkedin etc.

Google Analytics Setup, Analysis & Monitoring.

Install click tracking software and check the customer behaviour and create sales funnels accordingly.

Weekly Ranking Report.

Monthly SEO Statistics.

Ranking Maintenance.

E-commerce SEO/Google Shopping Optimization.

Landing Page Optimization/Conversion Optimization.

Video Production, Promotion.

Page Load Time Optimization.

Webmaster Control panel set up, Create account on Google, Bing for tech support Process.

Other Onpage Factors (301 page redirect, 404 error page, site map creation, etc...)

Image optimization


1. Project Initiation
o Pre-Optimization Web Analysis
o Keyword Research and Selection
o Competitive Analysis
o Baseline SEO Ranking Report

2. On-Page Optimization
o Titles Tags Generation
o Description Meta Tags Optimization
o Keyword Meta Tags Optimization
o Image (ALT) Tags Optimization
o Hyperlink Optimization
o Heading Tag Optimization
o Main Sitemap Generation
o XML Sitemap Creation and Submission
o Text Sitemap Creation and Submission
o Google Submission and Verification
o Yahoo Submission and Verification
o Bing Submission and Verification
o Local Directory Submissions
o Google Analytic Code Set Up
o Google Directory DMOZ Submission
o Robots.txt File Creation
o Google Analytics Setup
o Search Engine Friendly URL Options
o Proper Linking Structure
o Yahoo Directory Submission
o Google Profile Creation
o Broken/Dead Link Checking
o Webmaster Tool Management

3. Off-Page Optimization
o Manual Link Submission
o Directory Submissions
o Google Local Submission
o Link Popularity Analysis
o Article Submission
o Blog Commenting
o Business Classified Submission

4. Reporting & Maintenance
o Monthly SEO Ranking Report
o Monthly Google Analytic Report
o Monthly Incoming Link Report
o Monthly SEO Progress Report
o Monthly Website Analysis & Maintenance

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SEO Webmasters - SEO , Search Engine Optimisation Page - SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, Internet Marketing, Website Design
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SEO Webmasters - SEO , Search Engine Optimisation Page - SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, Internet Marketing, Website Design
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SEO Webmasters - SEO , Search Engine Optimisation Page - SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, Internet Marketing, Website Design
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